LeAnne “Lee” Christine Oglesby
LeAnne Oglesby (In Memoriam)

In Loving memory of Leanne

LeAnne wouldn’t want to be remembered for her cancer journey, but she would tell you to spare yourself and your family the heartache it causes by getting your screenings done. As a school psychologist, her passion was to be an advocate for children, especially those needing a little extra attention. (I often think this is why she married me.) Strong, brave, adventurous … gymnast, theatrical, well-read … and a connoisseur of great BBQ and craft beer. LeAnne is so deeply missed.

– Bryan Oglesby

LeAnne Christine Oglesby July 10, 1972 – May 2, 2018

God has put us here and He wouldn’t have if we couldn’t handle it. There are blessings in cancer, and I’ll keep saying it even though others think I’m nuts. The blessing staring us in the face is to live each day to its fullest. People let years go by in the “grind,” as you call it. Going through the motions. Waiting until some magic moment in time happens, like retirement or something, to start living. We won’t ever do that.”