What you can expect when working with us

We know you lead a busy life and have neither the time nor the inclination to put together your own financial plan, so you wisely choose to work with an experienced team to help you make smart financial decisions.

This becomes even more urgent when you’re approaching a major life event such as selling a business, preparing for retirement or receiving an inheritance. You may have valid concerns, like outliving your money or being able to afford care for any future health issues.

We believe our systematic financial planning strategy and thoughtful, disciplined approach to investing can give you a greater ability to meet your objectives. It includes an in-depth discovery process to identify your goals, risk tolerance and investing timeline as well as educate you about how your plan can impact your finances over time.

It also involves discretionary money management for adjusting investments through the market’s highs and lows, leveraging quality investments and assessing data from a range of sources to clearly articulate our rationale – to help give you greater confidence in your investments and plan.


Our services are comprehensive and cover all phases of life, from preparing for retirement to planning for your children’s education. Whatever the milestone may be, we’ll be there to serve you.


“Wealth intelligence is a financial discipline using information and analyses to provide guidance and direction to assist our clients.”
Bryan Oglesby, CFP®; Founder, Wealth Intelligence